Sunday, March 27, 2011

Weekend Wrap-up!


We have had a BUSY yet FUN weekend! Friday I had to do a Cheer Judging (which I LOVE) I knew the other two ladies that judged with me and I feel like every time I do a Cheer Judging its like getting paid to hang out with friends ha! I had planned on going to a ladies dinner right after judging but the tryouts went too long and I couldn't make it. I had even spent the whole afternoon making this cake for the silent auction...
Its a Double Chocolate Nutella Fudge Cake. Even though I didn't get to go to the ladies dinner the cake didn't go to waste. My family was glad to take it off my hands ha!


Hannah and Bri had a Daddy /Daughter morning. He dressed her and went to Target and the store. Here is what she came out of her room wearing (the first round)...

I guess he was going for the "less is more" look but this was NOT going to cut it (although he did do her hair and I thought it looked kinda cute)

Later that afternoon we went over to my parents house to have dinner. My mom bought Hannah a new car and swing set. Brian (and Hannah) put it together...


Last Sunday we visited a different church that's here in New Braunfels. We have finally made the decision to leave our current church and start attending one that is closer to where we live. Tonight we went to a Sunday School class party at Landa Park. I am in LOVE with this new Sunday School class! Everyone is so incredibly sweet and welcoming. It's such a nice new change. Here are some pics from our time at the park today!

Our weekend was great! Hope y'all have a great week this week ;)


  1. My GOSH, that cake is beautiful!
    And I'm soooo incredibly jealous of your spring weather! We got just enough spring to tease us, and now it's back to the cold stuff. :(

  2. My kids love the 3! cozy coups we have. I love that hers is pink! Yeah don't let daddy dress her. It is amazing how they just don't get it. I have not figured it out they can dress themselves (in the clothes we buy for them) but they can not dress children??? But she looks darling and you look beautiful. What a nice day for church at the park.

  3. Your cake is amazing!! I am jealous of your baking and decorating ability. You MUST post your recipe. :)

    I love Ms. Hannah's outfit on Sunday.

  4. Congrats on the new church. It's always fun to make new friends. PS, I'm so jealous you are wearing sleeveless tops! It turned winter again here in KY!

  5. I am so impressed with that cake! You are incredibly talented!

  6. Girl. That cake. Wow. I love Hannah's outfits & that is so sweet that your husband put those bows in her hair like that!

  7. Hannah's clothes are soo cute- and that cake- wow! She will LOVE her cozy coupe! Reagan is in it every day!

  8. Hannah is absolutely adorable!! That last outfit is so precious. Happy y'all had a great weekend.

    That cake though? Wow, great job decorating!!

    Hope you have a great night hon :)