Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Whole Town's On Sale!!

So before I get to my day today I have to show y'all Hannah's outfit....

My mom bought her this furry Zebra coat and I think its so FUN!

O.K.... So on to the day I had today! My sister and I always go shopping in Boerne. We go several times a year and have been doing this 7 years now! There are lots of fun little unique boutiques and most of them are WAAAYYYY too expensive. That is until today! Every single shop we went into had HUGE sales going on. We were in heaven! Our first stop was lunch at the Boerne Grill. I had the French dip sandwich (DELISH)and my sister had a veggie wrap (no fun ha!).

Then it was shopping time! We both found tons of amazing deals. Most stores had everything 50-60% off. Its one of those things where you feel like you just gotta buy it because of the all of the money you are "Saving" ha! Here is my damage....

Don't ya just LOVE shopping! I especially love it with my sister!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

Last week was so good its kinda sad going into this week knowing that Christmas is over. But.... I am LOVING a few things on this Wonderful Wednesday! One thing I am LOVING is this mirror
This is a crummy picture of it but my mom, sister and I made it for my cousin Anna for Christmas. My mom and sis decorated the border of the mirror by attaching all different kinds of patterned paper and then layering a turquoise and teal fringe on top. Then I made the giant bow for the corner...
It was super cute! We are wanting to make more. Its so easy and fun to do and you can get really creative with all kinds of fun colors.

I am also LOVING my new ceramic curling iron!
I curled all of my cousins hair when we visited them for Christmas and it was so much fun! 2 of my cousins left before I could get their picture but I got one with my cousin Reagan. Reagan has naturally curly hair that gets tangles very easily. I thought her hair looked great curled with the "Grande" curling iron.

This next thing I am LOVING is sort of a guilty pleasure...

So... I was never allowed to watch 90210 as a kid and now that I'm a "Big Girl" I am rebelling and giving in to the old re-runs on SOAP net. I DVR all of the shows and I'm now caught up to the 3rd season. Back when the show was on I always thought of it as being super bad and racy but now that I watch it its pretty tame compared to whats on TV "now-a-days" ha! That being said... I wouldn't let Hannah watch it if she wanted to either (that's why its a GUILTY pleasure)
P.S....I also watch the new 90210 and its MUCH better than the old one! (I might have a problem with trashy TV)

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Our Christmas Card!

So I might be a little late with this post seeing as that most of y'all have already shared your cards but hey!.... Better late than never ha! I was also a little late SENDING out my cards and didn't want to post before some of my friends got them in the mail. Anyways.... Here is our FIRST EVER Christmas card!

My friend Emily made it. She does such a great job on all that is stationary! Go check her out!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

A Christmas Story!

Well.... Its all over now :( It's really sad to see Christmas come and go once more but Oh did we have a GREAT one! This is Hannah's first Christmas and we couldn't wait to experience Christmas with her. we went to my grandma's (mommom's) house in the Woodlands. We have been going there for several years now and its so much fun! Everyone on my mom's side of the family was there. There was 19 of us in all and we had a blast. On Christmas eve we always go to my aunt Amy's house and have a nice dinner. After dinner all of the little kids get to open presents from the aunts and uncles and then the adults do a gift exchange.

Here are some pictures from Christmas eve!

This is Han and my cousin Cole (isn't he sooo Justin Beiber!)

Here are ALL of Mommom and Daddad's grand kids and one great grand kid!

We couldn't wait till the next morning... Christmas! Hannah woke us up at 5:45!!!! She never gets up that early (I guess she couldn't wait to see what Santa brought her) We all came downstairs to open presents around 6:30. Here is what Santa brought Hannah...

Her in her Christmas PJ's (bow of course)

Our Family Christmas Morning!

After we opened all of our presents we went over to my Aunt Judy's house for breakfast and more presents. Aunt Ju bought her a toy cell phone that looks like an iPhone and she was loving it!
Later that afternoon we went back to Mommoms house and started cooking for Christmas dinner. I made homemade rolls and Cinnamon rolls that were to die for (if I do say so myself ;) While I was cooking Hannah played on her swing that she also got for Christmas.

My Grandparents also have a big porch swing that Hannah fell in love with! She perks right up as soon as you put her on it!

Then it was time for dinner and outfit #3 ha!

We had such a great Christmas! In fact Hannah told me that it was the BEST Christmas she's ever had ha!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

What Hannah's LOVING Wednesday!!

This Week is going to be about what my little LOVE is LOVING! She has been such an EATER this week! Her appetite has really grown. She now has 4 teeth so she has been able to eat more "big people food". Last weekend she spent the night at my parent's house and had her first "Happy Meal". She LOVED it.

She ate almost the entire meal! Forgive the picture quality and the fact she has no bow on. She was at my parent's house and they don't enforce the 24/7 bow rule that I have at my house ha!
She is also LOVING "Eggo Waffles"! She pretty much will eat them for Breakfast, Lunch and dinner! This morning she ate her waffles while watching her new favorite show "Team Umizoomi". She LOVES that show (and I kinda do too ha!) Also.... Notice her red little nails! My mom and her got manicures the other day ;)

Its so fun now that she is getting more teeth and she can eat more and more foods! I cant wait for her to try all of the fun Christmas goodies in just THREE days!!!!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Daddy/Daughter Christmas Day!!

Every year my dad takes my sister and I Christmas shopping! It is a day we look forward to all year and This year was no exception. We always get to pick out presents for ourselves and for my mom. This year we decided to go out to La Cantera Mall. Its an outdoor mall that's absolutely gorgeous. Everything was decorated so beautifully and really made it feel like Christmas (even in the 75 degree weather) We started our day at Starbucks. For those of you who don't know, let me tell ya...... My dad is OBSESSED with his Starbucks! Not in the "oh I like my Starbucks in the morning" kinda way but the "Yeah... this is my 4th Starbucks TODAY" kinda way. I am a Starbucks fan myself and he is constantly buying me Starbucks gift cards and reloading money on it so I can have my Starbucks too. LOVE him!

Today I got a Venti Non-fat with whip Creme Brule' Latte! YUMMY!

Then we went on to Nordstroms. I love this store! Its so pretty and the customer service is always so great and they always have the cutest clothes!
Here is my sis and me in front of one of the trees in the store.
We ended up going to a TON more stores and I found a couple of shirts in Buckle that I wanted so my dad bought me those. My sister took a little longer trying to find something that she wanted until we went to Vera Bradley and she found the cutest ipad cover. Here she is outside of the Vera Bradley store. She thinks taking blogging pics is "awkward" ha!
We headed out to leave and on our way out we saw a sign for "Mexican Hot Chocolate" in the Nordstoms Bistro and just had to try one

After that we drove down to North Star mall to go eat at The Cheesecake Factory. We have eaten there every year and didn't want to break tradition. I absolutely love this place! It might just be my Favorite! Right now I am really into the Barbecue salmon with corn succotash and mashed potatoes.
And of course we had to also get the Red Velvet Cheesecake (which is TO DIE FOR!!!)
As we were leaving to go home I saw a woman getting her hair curled in a little kiosk in the middle of the mall. Her hair looked amazing and I had seen this curling iron before so I stopped and asked about it. The sales woman sat me down and told me about this....The Grande professional Curling Iron
Its a ceramic curling iron that curls your hair very easily. I have been using my "Chi" to curl my hair but that can cause damage to the hair. This iron makes your hair feel so soft and natural.I ended up talking the lady down from the price and even got a free shampoo and conditioner out of it! Here is a picture of one side of my hair straight and one side done with the "Grande Professional"! I love it!

Today was so much fun! I feel so blessed to have such an amazing dad that will always take the time to do fun things with his girls!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Our Happy Day!

Yesterday was such a fun and happy day! My sister was coming back into town from college and we were all so excited! Hannah and I started the day at her favorite place... the park. She loves going there and watching all the other little kids. She goes right up to them (not shy at all).
Here is my little "Zebra" before we left. Notice the Zebra lined clogs.... LOVE them!

We decided we both wanted to wear our "animal print accents" Ha!

She LOVES the swing! Its her absolute favorite.
After the park we headed over to my parents house and waited for my sister (KK) to arrive. When we all get together its always a "Food Fest" and last night we had Alamo Cafe to go (Which is the BEST Mexican food ever) and I made a raspberry/blueberry pie

Then Katie finally made it home and We couldn't have been more happier to see her! I am really looking forward to more shopping and lunch dates now that she's back.
Here are all the girls!
KK and Han!

And this picture cracks me up because if you know my mom and sister this pretty much sums up their personalities ha!
After dinner Katie went down to her room and wanted to unpack all of her stuff. She is REALLY organized and obsessive about everything having a "place" which couldn't be more opposite of me. I always love going down to her closet because that is usually the time she decides to give me some of the things she doesn't want any more. We trade back and forth but last night she gave me a ton of stuff (including a very nice Marc Jacobs bag by the way ;)
Here she is in her closet! Its HUGE and this picture does not do it justice. Her room,bathroom and closet is as big as the first apartment Bri and I used to live in right after we got married ha!

Welcome back KK!