Sunday, February 27, 2011

Hannah's first Kiss!

Friday morning my friend Catherine and her son Tyler came over and we had so much fun spending the day together! We went to Jason's Deli for lunch and then we went to the park and then shopped around Gruene. I had asked Hannah to give Tyler a kiss and didn't really expect her to do it because she isn't big on giving kisses and usually ignores or runs away from them. Well not this time! She immediately gave him kisses and wouldn't stop giving him kisses...
He started to get really sick of it! This video CRACKS me up! She is definitely the aggressive one in the relationship!

We had a great and funny day! Here are a few park pics of Hannah sitting in a tree at the park...

Hope y'all have a great Monday!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Show us your life Friday! I make Desserts and Bows!

I was so excited that Kelly is allowing us to showcase the things we make and sell. I really wanted to show you some of the things I make and introduce something new.... Adult headbands! Since I have already done a couple posts on what I make (desserts and bows) I'm going to try and not overload y'all with too many pictures this time. You can check out one of my posts HERE! It has some of the bows and desserts I have done in the past.I did want to show y'all some of the items I have made recently.

As some of you know I am OBSESSED with bows for my little Hannah! I have always loved wearing headbands for myself  and so I thought it would be fun to start making them and that way I could have a cute little headband to match any outfit. Here are some that I have made recently...

I just love wearing them! I even can make a matching "Mommy and Me" set!

As for little girl bows... I say the bigger the better ha! (but I can make all sizes ha!) You can find the bow ordering info HERE! And here are a few I have done recently...

As for desserts.... my specialty is cupcakes but I can also do pies,cheesecakes,brownies and layer cakes. Here is an example of the cupcakes that I make. I usually make the Jumbo sized cupcakes and fill them with something delicious inside...

Here is the 2 tiered cake I made for Hannah's First Birthday! I also made the tutu that is wrapped around it!

Well... I hope y'all like what I'm selling! Feel free to email me with any questions or orders:

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

I just got back from visiting my Grandparents in The Woodlands and I am LOVING them! They are the sweetest people I have ever known and they are also the most Christ-like. They both wanted to see Hannah so bad and they really enjoyed getting to spend time with her. Yesterday morning I caught my Daddad and Han on the porch like this...

It was such a sweet little sight to see! I am so glad we got to visit them!

Another thing I LOVE to do when I am in The Woodlands is go shopping. One of the new stores I recently found is "Sur La Table" . I went in there for the first time on Monday and I immediately fell in LOVE! That store is amazing! Its so much better than Williams Sanoma (in my opinion)There is a lot more stuff for baking and decorating. These are the things I got...
I think the thing I LOVE the most are the disposable pans (in brown). You can bake and transport in the pan and they are great to use as gifts because you don't have to buy a cake board and box.You can just wrap it up in the pan in clear wrapping and tie a pretty ribbon around it. I cant wait to use them!

The last thing I am LOVING is the new warmer weather we are having. March is approaching and that means... SPRING TIME!!! And that also means... SPRING CLOTHES!
I cant wait to break out more of Hannah's "Spring Attire" Ha!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Ladies and Gentlemen... Miranda Lambert!

This week my sister and I went to the San Antonio Livestock Show and Rodeo and we also go to see the one and only... Miranda Lambert. I LOVE Miss Lambert a lot! I haven't heared a song of hers that I didn't like.And since I am only listening to the "Kids sing a long" CD exclusively now, it was especially refreshing to hear some "grown up" music (there's only so much "Old MacDonald" I can take).

We had a great time! The Rodeo started first and I LOVED it! Its so fun to watch the horse and bull riders. I was so excited about this pic. I caught it just as the bull was flinging this poor little cowboy off ha!

As soon as the Rodeo ended it was time for the concert and right when Miranda Lambert hit the stage she started singing "Only Prettier" (my FAV)

Isn't she so cute? I wish I could pull off the "Shabby Chic Cowgirl" look but it's just not me. We had a Fabulous, Good ol' Texas time ! ;)

Friday, February 18, 2011

Its not Animal Kingdom but its still pretty dang fun!

My friend Lisa had asked us to go to the San Antonio Zoo a month ago. We made it a play date with a couple other friends and their babies but unfortunately the weather that day was way too COLD and we only ended up staying a little while. She asked us all back again yesterday and the weather was much better and we ended up having a great time. I was really excited about going back to the zoo because Hannah adored Animal Kingdom so much at Disney I thought she would like the Zoo our second time around. I know nothing can compare to the "Disney Magic" but the SA Zoo does its best and its always great to go with friends. We started out going over to the indoor play area they have for the kids. Hannah had fun playing with her friends.Here she is trying to climb up on the table (I swear she is going to be a mountain climber in the future)

Outside the play area is a little petting zoo. The only animal out were chickens but Han wasn't scared a bit. She went right up to them and tried to touch them. If you know anything about me you will know that this behavior is NOT like me at all. I am such a scaredy cat and I jump at the tiniest little thing. Well...not my brave adventurer. I cant wait to see this personality of hers thrive.

All throughout the Zoo were birds, ducks and flamingos. Every time she saw any of them she would say "Quack Quack". She LOVES any type of bird! Here we are with a "Quack Quack"...

We had a great time and I NEVER thought I would say this but... I kinda love the Zoo ha!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Happy Valentines Day-3 Days later!

I had left my camera over at my friends house and FINALLY  got it back so now I can tell y'all about my Valentines weekend! My husband and I decided to celebrate Valentine's on Sunday because we didn't want to deal with the crowds on Monday plus he doesn't get off work until 6 and it wouldn't have been enough time for us to enjoy each other. So we decided to go to the Melting Pot. If you have never been its AMAZING and super romantic and fun! I forgot my camera and didn't get any pictures but we ate a ton of great food! My FAV was the bananas foster fondue we had for dessert! YUMMMMM! We spent the entire day going shopping and just enjoying our time together. It turned out to be one of the best Valentines dates we have ever had!

Monday we had MOPS and I was super excited because I made everyone in Hannah's MOPS class Valentines! I made heart shaped chocolate dipped brownies!

I wrapped them up in clear bags and tied them together with ribbon and attached a pink tulle flower with a Valentines message on it...

I had special Valentine shirts made for Hannah,myself,my mom and sister! Everyone's shirt had their initial with hearts around it! Here is Hannah in her V-day outfit...

Here we are with my mom in our matching shirts!You cant see it very well but I also made the headband I'm wearing (Order yours today ha! ;) and ignore the frown on the little ones face ;)

Later that night I went over to my friend Annie's house to watch "Bachelor". We both celebrated Valentine's early with our husbands so it worked out that we could get some girl time. She bought these AMAZING cupcakes from a place called Gigi's. I am usually very picky when it comes to cupcakes but these were good

BTW.... (on a Bachelor note) So glad Brad kicked off Michelle! It was about time lol!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Our last 2 Days at Disney World

Disney Day 4

On our 4th day we decided to go to Disney's Hollywood Studios. This park ties with magic Kingdom as my favorite. I LOVE movies (especially old movies) and this park brings out my inner Judy Garland ha! My all time favorite ride in all of Disney is "The Great Movie Ride". As soon as we got to the park it started raining so all of us got poncho's to wear (which came in very handy) then we went straight to the ride....

After the ride Hannah and I found Judy Garlands foot prints...

One thing that Hannah loved was all of the Disney parades and shows! She especially loved the "High School Musical" show. Bri put her up on his shoulders so she could see better and she got so excited!

That night for dinner we went to 50's Prime Time Cafe! Every time we go to Disney we have to go there. The food is great and its such a cute atmosphere. The whole restaurant is 50's themed and your waiter also plays the role of your "family member" Our waiter was "Cousin Eric". Ever since we first started coming to Disney, my family has always taken a "family picture" at the table and this year we added Han (hubby and sister's boyfriend weren't allowed in ha!)

Hannah, once again, ate to her hearts content and was A MESS!

We had to change her shirt after all of the mess but here is the whole group at the restaurant.

Disney Day 5 (last day)

We wanted to end our trip at Magic Kingdom again. We still hadn't ridden all of the rides and we had a lot to cover. It was also my mom's Birthday. She turned 50 and was NOT happy about it. Going to Disney was a nice distraction for her though. Here are the Birthday girls...

Can you tell she loves the carousel!!??!!

For dinner we went to 1900 Park Fare at the Grand Floridian. They have an amazing buffet and you also get to meet Cinderella,Prince Charming, the Step mother and step sisters. Once again Han was too into her food to care about any of the characters (including Cinderella)

Then we had to do our usual "After Dinner Outfit Change"

We then went back to Magic Kingdom and rode Space Mountain 3 times and then we had to use up the rest of our dining plan meals so we went to Main Street bakery and stocked up of food...

Then it was time to say "Bye Bye". We had a WONDERFUL trip and I wouldn't have changed a thing. Now my parents want to go every single year so we'll see ;)

Friday, February 11, 2011

Animal Kingdom and Hannah's Birthday at Cinderellas Castle!

Scroll to the next post if you are coming from Kelly's Korner to see my Beauty Tips!!

Day 3 of our trip was Hannah's actual birthday!We decided to go to Animal Kingdom for the first half of the day and then hop on over to Magic Kingdom for Hannah's Birthday dinner at Cinderella's Castle. Here is the Birthday girl!...

We didn't take a whole lot of pictures at Animal Kingdom for some reason and I wish we would have. I think that Animal Kingdom might have been Hannah's favorite park. This doesn't really come as a surprise to me. I knew she would love animals because she is such an adventurous and curious little girl. I, on the other hand couldn't be more opposite from that. I actually am afraid of most (if not ALL animals) I am NOT a fan. Its not that I choose to dislike them... I am truly scared of them. I am so glad that my baby isn't though. She LOVED looking at all of the ducks and birds. Every time she saw one of them she would go "Quack Quack"! It was so cute! We ended up riding all of the rides and going to all of the shows there. We rode the "Dinosaur" ride twice and my mom watched Hannah. She decided to take her out of her stroller and let her "play" aka... get dirty. This is what I found when I came out of the ride...

Skirt off, shoes off, baby legs off, and BOW off!!!!! And looking a mess!This was obviously NOT mommy approved ha!

After animal kingdom we cleaned Hannah off and headed to Magic Kingdom for her birthday dinner at Cinderella's Castle. Before we ate we snuck in a quick carousel ride and Hannah LOVED it. Its her all time FAV!

Then it was time to meet Cinderella!

We then went into the dining room to eat. As we ate some of the other Princesses stopped by to say hi. Hannah was so into her food she could care less. This girl fell in love with the Disney food and she took it very seriously ha!

Here she is with Snow White. She WILL NOT put her roll down ha!

Here she is with Belle. This picture cracks me up because she looks like she could care less about Belle... She just wants to get back to her food...

It was a great day! More to come...

Show us your life Friday! Beauty tips!

Show Us Your Life with Kelly's Korner

I haven't done a "Show us your life Friday" in a while and I'm super excited that Kelly is bringing it back with all new topics. This weeks topic is hair and beauty tips. Back in "the day" (4 years ago ha!) I was a makeup artist for Estee Lauder. I started out by working at the makeup counter in Macy's and then went on to become a makeup artist that traveled to different stores to do events. I LOVED going to all the stores and doing makeovers! I also got to go to several Estee Lauder "schools" in which they tech you about the products, the brand and any new products about to be launched (plus they give you tons of free goodies). I am a huge fan of EL and I always will be. For many years ALL of my makeup was Estee Lauder. Now that I am no longer working for the company, I only buy my favorites just cause it can get so dang expensive to buy it all  ha! So here are my "must haves"...

The #1 product that I absolutely ADORE is the EL "Pure Pops" cream eyeshadow. Unfortunately they have discontinued it but you can find it on eBay or other sites.It keeps your eyeshadow on so well and gives your eye the perfect shimmer. My favorite color is Golden Seduction.

The next "must have" is the Double Wear foundation by Estee Lauder. This foundation is one of the top selling foundations in the world and for good reason. Its not "cakey" and it stays in place ALL DAY LONG! My color is Ivory Beige.

For blush I am in love with the Brilliant Shimmer blush powder by EL. Its the perfect color and gives the perfect hint of shimmer to the cheeks without going over-bored.

For the lips my go-to is the EL Double Wear lip duo. Its the BEST lip stain ever! It truly lasts for hours and I love it! My favorite color is "Ultimate Bronze"

For mascara I gotta give it to Lancome.... They have EL beat! The "Definicils" mascara is the BEST!