Thursday, March 31, 2011

Show Us Your Life! And my NEW etsy shop!!

So Show Us Your Life Friday is back and its all about Churches! Its sorta ironic because we have recently (like 2 weeks ago) decided to change churches ha! I have been going to our (old) church for 9 years! My parents and I joined and then when I met my husband he joined the church with us. I was a junior in high school when we joined the church and I have to was really a hard decision to leave, but we had a few issues with the church itself plus it was about a 40 minute drive just to get there. The only thing I am going to miss about the church is all of the AMAZING friends Ive made. Honestly, I see so many of them outside of church through girls night, MOPS, play dates etc. that its actually not going to be that big of an adjustment (I just wont see them on Sunday). Here are some of the incredible girls from our Sunday School class that I have been friends with over the years...

I think the friend I have been the closest to is my friend Annie! She has been a constant friend throughout all of my years at the church and I know she will continue to be there for me!

We are visiting a church here in New Braunfels called Oakwood Baptist Church and we are LOVING it! We will probably end up joining that one. We LOVE the SS class and the pastor and music there are AMAZING!

On a side note.... I OPENED MY OWN ETSY SHOP!!!! Its still in the works but check it out HERE!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Wednesday Lovin'!

This Week I am LOVING the "Chick Chat" that we had Monday night. Every month we have a get together at my moms house and women from all walks of life attend and get to hear a different woman's story each month. They also get to sample some of my desserts and if there are left overs they take them home. Its super fun and its been a really rewarding ministry! This month my friend Rhonda spoke to the group. She told her story of going through 4 miscarriages, her mother struggling and surviving breast cancer and her daddy dying. She did an AMAZING job! Here we are together...

I really wanted to make very "Spring-like" desserts and have the color scheme be bright and cheery. Here is the main table scape...

I made Strawberry Lemonade Cupcakes and Double Citrus Tarts!

We had a great time!I LOVE getting together with so many amazing unique women... and the decor and desserts put me in a Spring mood ;)

Speaking of Spring... I am also LOVING this precious little "Springy" outfit that I just got for Hannah...

It just makes me smile! Ahh the little things in life ha! Happy Wednesday Y'all!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Weekend Wrap-up!


We have had a BUSY yet FUN weekend! Friday I had to do a Cheer Judging (which I LOVE) I knew the other two ladies that judged with me and I feel like every time I do a Cheer Judging its like getting paid to hang out with friends ha! I had planned on going to a ladies dinner right after judging but the tryouts went too long and I couldn't make it. I had even spent the whole afternoon making this cake for the silent auction...
Its a Double Chocolate Nutella Fudge Cake. Even though I didn't get to go to the ladies dinner the cake didn't go to waste. My family was glad to take it off my hands ha!


Hannah and Bri had a Daddy /Daughter morning. He dressed her and went to Target and the store. Here is what she came out of her room wearing (the first round)...

I guess he was going for the "less is more" look but this was NOT going to cut it (although he did do her hair and I thought it looked kinda cute)

Later that afternoon we went over to my parents house to have dinner. My mom bought Hannah a new car and swing set. Brian (and Hannah) put it together...


Last Sunday we visited a different church that's here in New Braunfels. We have finally made the decision to leave our current church and start attending one that is closer to where we live. Tonight we went to a Sunday School class party at Landa Park. I am in LOVE with this new Sunday School class! Everyone is so incredibly sweet and welcoming. It's such a nice new change. Here are some pics from our time at the park today!

Our weekend was great! Hope y'all have a great week this week ;)

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Wednesday LOVES!!!

Happy Wednesday Y'all! Today I'm LOVING the new Starbucks petite desserts. As you all know I am a HUGE dessert LOVER! The thing I LOVE about the petite desserts at Starbucks is that they are all under 200 calories a piece and its just enough to satisfy your sweet tooth without going over board. I have tried EVERY SINGLE one of these mini desserts and here they all order of my favorites!

#1- Birthday cake Pop (my FAV)
Starbucks Petites Birthday Cake Pop

#2- Salted Caramel Sweet Square
Starbucks Petites Salted Caramel Sweet Square

#3- Red Velvet Whoopie Pie
Starbucks Petites Red Velvet Whoopie Pie

#4- Peanut Butter Mini Cupcake
Starbucks Petites Peanut Butter Mini Cupcake

#5- Tiramisu Cake Pop
Starbucks Petites Tiramisu Cake Pop

#6- Rocky Road Cake Pop
Starbucks Petites Rocky Road Cake Pop

#7- Lemon Sweet Square
Starbucks Petites Lemon Sweet Square

I order my Toffee Nut Latte and alternate my bites of pastry to coffee and I'm in Heaven ha!

Another thing I am LOVING lately are these precious little girls "Bling" bracelets.

Hannah is actually LOVING (or should I say obsessed with) these even more than I am. She calls them her "pretties"! Here she is modeling them.... She wears them everyday but lately she has been loosing some of them so it takes a while to hunt them all down ha!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Spring has Sprung!!!

Ahhhh don't y'all just love the weekends and SPRING!!??!! This past weekend was so much fun! We didn't do anything spectacular but just spent time together having fun. Saturday Hannah had her first sprinkler experience. She absolutely LOVES being outside and because she loves it so much I am also learning to like it a little bit more ha! Here she is in her new swimsuit and "swim bow" ha! I do realize that she wont be wearing bows when we actually go swimming but I thought she could still wear one through the sprinkler ;)

Here she is checking it out. She didn't know what to think of it.

She did NOT like getting wet (I think it was just too cold for her)

Today we had a play date with our MOPS group at a Mexican restaurant called Pericos. They have a big playground there for the kids and Hannah had a great time.

After our play group was over I decided since we were "in town" that I wanted to stop by Gigi's cupcakes and check out their new "spring line-up". My friend Annie and I ADORE their cupcakes so I also stopped by and gave her some. Here are the new cupcakes I got...

From left to right: Cherry Cordial, Caramel Sugar Baby, Raspberry Cobbler, Cherry Limeade, and Orange Dreamsicle! They Were all soooooo DELISH!