Monday, March 21, 2011

Spring has Sprung!!!

Ahhhh don't y'all just love the weekends and SPRING!!??!! This past weekend was so much fun! We didn't do anything spectacular but just spent time together having fun. Saturday Hannah had her first sprinkler experience. She absolutely LOVES being outside and because she loves it so much I am also learning to like it a little bit more ha! Here she is in her new swimsuit and "swim bow" ha! I do realize that she wont be wearing bows when we actually go swimming but I thought she could still wear one through the sprinkler ;)

Here she is checking it out. She didn't know what to think of it.

She did NOT like getting wet (I think it was just too cold for her)

Today we had a play date with our MOPS group at a Mexican restaurant called Pericos. They have a big playground there for the kids and Hannah had a great time.

After our play group was over I decided since we were "in town" that I wanted to stop by Gigi's cupcakes and check out their new "spring line-up". My friend Annie and I ADORE their cupcakes so I also stopped by and gave her some. Here are the new cupcakes I got...

From left to right: Cherry Cordial, Caramel Sugar Baby, Raspberry Cobbler, Cherry Limeade, and Orange Dreamsicle! They Were all soooooo DELISH!


  1. My GOSH, those cupcakes look good!!!! It's times like this when I loathe my gluten-free belly. :(

  2. Oh wow, those cupcakes look amazing! I wish that we had a place like that where I live. Well, maybe not, because then I'd eat them every single day.

  3. Love the second pic of Hannah! Her swimsuit is sooo cute!

  4. oh my goodness i onl wish we could be running through the sprinkler.. still some snow on the ground here and it is raining / icing today!

    I took those pictures myself at my house that are on my header :)

  5. Don't you just love MOPS!? Such a great organization! Loving this spring weather, too! Her little bathing suit and outfits are precious! P.s. your posts somehow always leave me wanting sweets! :)

  6. I love her swimsuit! Kaidence had one like that last year! :)

  7. Oh my gracious! I'm SO excited spring is here!!! her little swimsuit is adorable. I already bought my big girls for the year, now I just have to get this little girl one for when she arrives! yay! Those cupcakes look YUMMY!!