Monday, January 31, 2011

Hannah's Party-Part 2 (It's Partaaay time)

This has literally been the fastest year of my life. It doesn't seem like my baby should be a whole year old yet but she is and its just going to go by even faster from here on out. Here is the Birthday Girl at her party!
Poor thing... she was so HOT in this dress. I wanted her to wear something really pretty and different for her party. So many people do the standard tutu or pettiskirt (which I almost did) But I found this dress and I thought it was perfect! Well.... January in Texas is crazy and it was 77 degrees that day, so this dress was a tad bit HOT!

After we ate and played a little it was time to do cake and Hannah needed to get into some cooler clothes ha! This it what she ended up wearing the rest of the party. It was only supposed to be for "cake time" but she didn't want to put any more clothes so we just left her in it.

Cake time!

Here are some of Hannah's (and my) friends that came!

"Hunky Harris"

Sebastian (with his mommy Sylvia)

All of the babies and their mommies

My grandparents also came in town for Han's party! This is my mom and Mommom!

Me and my best friend Annie!

Me and my sister! I LOVE her sooooo much! she was such a huge help to me for this party!

Me and "the man of my dreams"

Hannah and Poppy

Present time! I think I was more excited than Hannah! She mainly wanted to play in the tissue. But the next day I think she realized that she had A TON of new toys and she was going to town!ha!

We had such a great time! I am really sad to see it coming to an end but we are going to DISNEY in 3 days to celebrate some more ;)

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Hannah's Party-Part 1 (decor)

So I decided to do 2 posts on Hannah's party because there are sooooo many pictures and I thought it would be best to break it up. I am so excited to finally show y'all all of my hard work and effort to give my little princess a good Birthday. I started preparing for this party almost 2 whole months ago.After 140 tulle poms, 20 paper flowers, 4 ribbon topiaries, 2 wreaths, a 2 tier cake, cupcakes, and 10 party favors later.... I was DONE! Hope y'all like what ya see!
 This is my tulle pom strands (I made) and Hannah picture banners (my friend Emily made)

This is the little kids table

 I made these centerpieces for the kids table and I just love the whimsy of it all!

The banner that went over the Entertainment center!

The coffee table centerpiece!

The Cake!


Marshmallow Pops!

Paper flowers!

The office!

Wreath for the front door!

Wreath for the back door!

The Party Favors! Hannah's favorite thing in the world are puffs so I decided to make that her party favor!

The Birthday Girl!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

WILW-"My colors are Blush and Bashful"

This has been a crazy week. Hannah has not been feeling well so I'm trying to take care of her and there is only 3 more days until her Birthday party! I have been working like a mad woman to get everything done. I may have gone a little over board on the decor making ha! I had so many ideas that I wanted to do for her party and one of them was to make tulle poms to use to decorate the whole house. I LOVE LOVE LOVE these things and my LOVE is very apparent because I have already made 130 of them (eeekk..I promise I am not crazy)I just LOVE pink and tulle so the two together makes me a little giddy. Here is what they look like.
These are the multi-colored ones that will hang from the light fixtures. The majority of the poms I made will be used as garland that I am stringing in an archway in our house (pics will be coming this Saturday ;) I have made so much stuff for her party that our guest room has turned into a sea of pink fluff...Do y'all sense the color scheme!?!

Another thing that I am LOVING is this cute party hat I bought for Han!

I found it HERE and I am in LOVE with it!

Happy Wednesday Y'all!!