Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Top 2 Tuesday

So I hooked up with "The Undomestic Momma" on her "Top 2 Tuesday"! I am loving these little linky things (at least that's what I call them. I don't know the official name ha!) Anyway.... This weeks top 2 is "Favorite Jobs". So.... without further ado here is my Top 2!

#1- My Favorite job that I have EVER had is being a Stay at home mommy to this little girlie!
If you were to ask me throughout any part of my life "What do you want to be when you grow up", the answer was always.... a mommy. I prayed for this little girl and I feel so blessed to be able to stay home with her and watch her grow. Staying at home definitely has its challenges. I must admit there are days when I need a break from the madness of my BUSY little one. She keeps me on my toes that's for sure. I always try and make sure that we get out of the house at least once a day even if its just taking a walk. She does not do well just saying cooped up in the house all day so its fun to go on our "daily outings". I don't know if I will remain a SAHM forever but I sure am enjoying it right now ;)

#2- My second Favorite job ever was my first job working at a bakery. I went off to college for 1 semester and came back to San Antonio to go to Culinary School. While in school I found a job at a bakery/restaurant called "Joseph's Storehouse". They make EVERYTHING form scratch and its all sooooo good!
I was pretty scared to start working there. It is a very well known bakery in San Antonio and I really wanted to do a great job. I jumped right in and learned all of the recipes. I learned more there then all the years I went to culinary school combined. I learned all of their famous recipes many of which I still use. It was a very busy place (which I loved) I would wake up at 5 am so I could be at work by 6. During the Thanksgiving and Christmas times were by far the busiest. There were only 3 bakers and we would produce up to 200 orders (pies and cakes) a day. Here are just some of the things we made.

This is the Caramel Apple Pie
 (From left) Apple Cobbler, Lemon meringue pie, Chocolate cake and Butter Pecan Cookies
Well that's my Top 2! Happy Tuesday Y'all!!!!


  1. I love staying home with my babies too--well actually I work 2 days a week at my office, but I still feel blessed to be able to only be working part time. I sooo wish I could bake! I cannot cook to save my life. :)

  2. Just found your blog through Kelly's. I have to tell you~ your baby's name is perfect!!! My cousin couldn't have children and prayed for a child~ a little girl, she wanted to name Hannah Grace. She even has a bracelet with that scripture on it. :) She did get her little girl, adopted at one year old, but Rachael came with her own name that fit her perfectly. She was a preemie weighing under two pounds and the name Rachael means "little lamb." How fitting! Just wanted to share that since you used that same scripture in your nursery. :)

  3. Being a SAHM IS the best job in the world!!! I totally agree!