Friday, November 19, 2010

My little Turkey!

So last night was our Sunday School class annual Thanksgiving party. Our class has gotten so much bigger over the years especially since almost everyone has kids now. Since there was going to be so many people (including all the kids) we had it in our church's fellowship hall. I was really excited to go to this one since it was going to be the first Thanksgiving party in which I could bring MY child. Plus.... not gunna lie... I was REALLY excited for Hannah to wear her Turkey dress ha!
Here is my little Turkey girl BEFORE all of the excitement and food all over her face ;)
We had a crazy morning/afternoon yesterday plus it made it even harder since Hannah literally would not let me put her down ALL day long. She was being super clingy. My job was to bring a salad to the party. I had totally forgotten all about it until right before we were about to leave. So I told my husband to go to the store and pick up some salad and I would bring the bowl. Well guess what.... I forgot to bring the bowl. So he had to buy a bowl. We were meeting at the party and he got there before me so here he is walking into the party with 2 bags of salad mix and a big plastic bowl. Uggghhhh I was just a little embarrassed but hey... we are all friends so its all good. After we all ate all of the kids started playing and to my surprise (not really ha!) Hannah jumped right into the mix. She had a blast playing with all of the older kiddos. She fell in love with my friends little boy Chase.
Here they are.... She thinks he's her boyfriend (she likes older men)

As you can say she was just a little in awe of him ;) She had so much fun running around trying to keep up with all of the kids. I can already tell she is going to be my party girl.

O.K.... so I just LOVE this pic. I can just imagine her telling these kids..... "O.K. y'all, now I'm the boss around here so I'll decide what we're going to play" ha!

Here I am with my friend Rhonda and Stephanie with our babies.
We had a great time and I thought that the party would have worn my little turkey out but as soon as we got home she was ready for round 2. Aghhhh I love that little girl!


  1. Oh my goodness!!! I love her turkey dress!!! Y'all both look so cute!

  2. Love her dress! Y'all are adorable!!!

    I left you a suprise over at my blog!!

  3. That is just the cutest dress!!!! I love your header!!! Those are seriously the best pictures!!!