Wednesday, November 24, 2010

12 Days of Christmas-Day3

Its day 3 and today's topic is "Best gift you have ever received". This is a picture of me at my first Christmas. Is this not Hannah or what!
I have received a lot of good gifts through the years but the best and most memorable has to be the year I received my car! I was 16 (Christmas 2001) and had been wanting a car but really wasn't into looking or shopping for cars. I figured when the time was right my parents would just pick one out for me and that would be good enough for me (we've covered how much I value my parents opinion right? ha!) Anyways, we were having Christmas at my grandmothers (Mommom's) and I was NOT expecting a car. Christmas morning came and we always start Christmas morning by seeing what "Santa" brought us and opening our stockings. At the very bottom of my stocking was a car key. I was SHOCKED! I looked at my dad in disbelief and he said "Lets go outside!". This is what I saw....
I got a BRAND NEW 2001 Toyota Echo! I LOVED my car. I loved that it was little and that I could easily drive it and I loved that it was brand new and mine!
I was so surprised! Please overlook the white football helmet that once was my hair.... What was I thinking!


  1. At first I thought this was a picture of Hannah and I thought "where in the world is her bow?" :)

  2. What an awesome present! Have a great Thanksgiving!!!

  3. Great gifts to love!

    Have a great Thanksgiving!