Monday, November 29, 2010


Saturday I sold Desserts and Bows at a Market days out in Bulverde called FaithFest. Each vendor had their own table. There were about 25 vendors there selling anything from jewelry to candles.It was my second year to do it but last year I only did desserts and I was 7 1/2 months pregnant and really wasn't into drawing a lot of business. This year I added bows to the mix. I had been making extra bows for weeks trying to get ready for it. I do my bows at night when Hannah is asleep and its like my little "escape time". I ended up with almost 50 bows to sell! I also made cupcakes and caramel apples.
Here are the cupcakes I decided to make. These are Chocolate with chocolate buttercream.
These are "my signature" Chocolate fudge pecan cupcakes. They are completely covered in Pecan Fudge icing.
These are Red velvet and Oreo!
I also made Pumpkin spice but forgot to take a picture. Another thing I made was caramel apples. Some plain with caramel and milk chocolate and the others were rolled in Oreo with milk and white chocolate drizzle.
I kept going back and forth on how I wanted to display my bows until I found the cutest Pink tree at Hobby Lobby. I decided to clip the bows on the branches and display some of them that way.
Here is my table!
My mom and dad helped me set up and my husband came a little later with Hannah. Hannah had a great time playing outside and seeing all the people. My sister came as well and helped with Hannah. We wanted to get her face painted and I really didn't know if she would sit still but she did great!
She got a Christmas tree with presents underneath.
Katie also took Han on the little train ride they had.
All in all it was a great day and I ended up making a pretty good amount of money. I sold almost everything!!!!


  1. Ashley,
    Those cupcakes & bows are darling. Every time I see your desserts they are going to the next level. They are so beautiful.
    Glad to see your little family is happy.

  2. Oh my word I wish you lived close. Those cupcakes look AMAZING!!!!

  3. Oh my goodness those cupcakes and caramel apple look SOO good!

    What a small world!! I'm actually from Magnolia, TX but live about 5 minutes from The Woodlands!

  4. Thanks so much for visiting my blog and following! Those cupcakes look AMAZING! I want one! I am a cupcake fanatic and love ALL things cupcake! Your sweet little Hannah is so cute! I love all her outfits she wears and of course the BOWS!! TOO CUTE! I wish I could make bows! Have a great week!

  5. Everything looks amazing! Sure it all tastes great too :) Great job on selling it all. Hope you had a great Monday!

    P.S. New follower! ;)

  6. WOW!!! Great job :) Your display was so nice!!

  7. Ditto to everyone else! Your cupcakes are amazing! You should open your own cupcake shop seriously! I'd be a customer! My husband would be dying for one with your pecan frosting...yumo!

    Your sweetie pie is so adorable! Love the Christmas tree on her cheek!

    Have a wonderful week!

  8. Those are the cutest bows. We love BIG bows around here. And by "we" I mean me. My daughter - not so much. But it doesn't mean I don't try. And I think I gained 5 lbs. just by looking at those cupcakes. Yummy!

  9. Everything looks so good. Great job on displaying and selling! Congrats.