Sunday, November 14, 2010

Friends, Food and Shopping!!!

So Yesterday My friend Annie and I went to the "Boerne Market Days". Two of our friends were selling some of their things at a booth there and we decided it would be a fun thing to go and see them and also have a fun girls day and Oh did we ever! It ended up being just what we both needed. So Fun! and a perfect way to kick off the upcoming Christmas shopping. Annie has just started her blog so we decided that we were going to document every move and stop (so we could blog about it) So everywhere we went we took pictures.It was so much fun being able to stroll through all of the shops and the Market booths at our own leisure not having to worry about a fussy or unhappy baby. The day started off with meeting Annie and driving out to Boerne while sipping our Starbucks Salted Caramel Hot Chocolates. When we got there we went over to the Market Booths to find our friends Stephanie and Emily.

Here they are at their booth. Emily (on the left) sells adorable stationary and Steph (right) makes infused glass jewelry. They both also paint beautiful paintings. Emily actually made the painting in Hannah's room.

After that we walked around to all of the other booths and as we were about to leave I saw the CUTEST Turkey dress that I just had to buy for Hannah.
 I got it from the cutest woman who makes all kinds of Bows, Dresses, Tutus and flowers. Her business is called "Cutie Bow Tooty"! Isn't that the cutest name ever!
After that we were starving so we decided to go to the Bear Moon Bakery for lunch. This place is super famous for all of their baked goods and they also have great breakfasts and lunches as well.

Here we are at our table
We decided to share a sandwich and both get soup. So we got the French Dip Pannini and Roasted Poblano Corn Chowder. Seriously.... The BEST sandwich I have EVER had!
 The soup was amazing as well!

Then we made our way down to the rest of the shops and stopped by a place called Ella Blue. We both found these "Show Stopping" necklaces!

Then we wanted to get our picture taken together and these 3 older women saw us and came and told us they would take it. They thought we were so funny that they even wanted to take our picture with their personal camera. We got a big laugh out of that one.

All in all it was a super fun day and I must say... "Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas"!


  1. That turkey dress is adorable!!!

  2. I love that Turkey dress! I cant wait to dress my girls for the Holidays!

  3. Hi there! Wanted to pop over and say hello... Your little one is absolutely precious! Looking forward to reading your blog!

    And I'll be the fourth one to say it- that turkey dress REALLY is adorable! I love cutesy little dresses like that!