Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Out and About with my Best Friend!

I have a new Best Friend now. I have known her for not quite 9 months now but its one of those friendships that you just know is going to last forever. When I first met her I didn't know what to think of her. I guess you could say I was scared of her... make that TERRIFIED! But... as time went on I became more and more in love with her and now she is a friend that I do pretty much everything with. Would you like to meet her???? well her name is.... Hannah Grace! (Big shocker I know ;))

Today was a great day of being out and about in this beautiful weather (High of 72 today) and roaming around Gruene. I am really starting to love this little town just 4 miles from my home. Hannah and I have gone into Gruene every week for the past month and its becoming our favorite place. We started out by going to the Cupcake shop. I LOVE this place! Its so cute and quaint and a fun place to just sit and have a cupcake (or two ha!)

 This is the one we chose... Red Velvet Yummmm!
After that we decided to go over to this place called "The Stone". I  had driven by it several times and never went in until today and I'm so glad we did! Its a Christian coffee shop and bookstore. They had several places around the store to sit and read and they even had a children's section. So we decided to sit at the most precious little pink and green table (which by the way... matched her outfit) and read some books.

I LOVE this shop! I have never seen a coffee shop/bookstore have a little place for children and this place had tons of Christian children's books. We are definitely going back!

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  1. She is so adorable! I love it that you have "Mommy & Me" Dates! That's so much fun!