Sunday, November 7, 2010

Hannah is 9 months!

My Sweet baby girl is 9 months now! She has been an absolute JOY every day of these 9 months! She is now a Full time walker. She took her first step around 7 1/2 months and started really walking at 8 months. Now, she NEVER crawls anymore. She thinks she is waaayyyy to big for that ha! People cant believe that she is walking so early but I had a feeling she would.... The girl sat up at 4 months old and was also crawling at 4 months. I guess she cant wait to grow up :( Her favorite thing to do is "Explore".She loves to get into everything and touch and taste everything.I have to make sure all of the doors in the house are shut or I will find her going into every room. The main room she loves is our bedroom. She loves to find our throw pillows (which are sometimes on the floor if the beds not made ha!) and chew on the beads.
She is getting smarter and smarter every day. We are doing "Your Baby can Read" and every day we watch videos and do flash cards and to my amazement she has really caught on. Her favorite thing to watch are the videos. They have become a lifesaver. If I ever need to get ready or get something done I can let her watch a "Baby can Read" Video and she LOVES it! We do the flashcards twice a day and I will show her 2 cards at a time and call out a word and let her pick which card goes with the word and she has started to get almost all of the words right every time.We also play the "Color Game" in which I will hold up 2 different colors and say the colors several times and then ask her to choose a certain color and she is starting to get all of her colors right. I just love seeing her little brain go to work.
She has started saying (while waving) "Hi". And the one thing she really loves to do is shake her head "No". It is the funniest thing ever. Sometimes she shakes it so much I think she might get dizzy.
She eats about 4 times a day and has bottles when she wakes up and goes to bed and at her 2 nap times. The one thing I wish she was better at was eating food. She has always been a choker and she has a big gag reflex. I am hoping that this phase will soon be over and she can get better at eating "real food".
Before I know it she will be driving a real car :(


  1. Oh she's such a cutie! She looks like so much fun :)

  2. I can't believe how early she walked! A very advanced baby you have there! CUTE too!

  3. She is walking very early. Wow! I was so happy when Hannah started walking, I think it made things much easier. Can I order a red/white bow from you for Hannah's christmas pictures. She has a red/white dress.....let me know what else you need from me.

  4. She is adorable and looks just like you! I ordered Baby can Read for my Kindergarten students, I still have the flashcards somewhere around here. They are sponges right now, continue to teach her as much as you can while she enjoys it!!! Make everything a game!