Friday, February 18, 2011

Its not Animal Kingdom but its still pretty dang fun!

My friend Lisa had asked us to go to the San Antonio Zoo a month ago. We made it a play date with a couple other friends and their babies but unfortunately the weather that day was way too COLD and we only ended up staying a little while. She asked us all back again yesterday and the weather was much better and we ended up having a great time. I was really excited about going back to the zoo because Hannah adored Animal Kingdom so much at Disney I thought she would like the Zoo our second time around. I know nothing can compare to the "Disney Magic" but the SA Zoo does its best and its always great to go with friends. We started out going over to the indoor play area they have for the kids. Hannah had fun playing with her friends.Here she is trying to climb up on the table (I swear she is going to be a mountain climber in the future)

Outside the play area is a little petting zoo. The only animal out were chickens but Han wasn't scared a bit. She went right up to them and tried to touch them. If you know anything about me you will know that this behavior is NOT like me at all. I am such a scaredy cat and I jump at the tiniest little thing. Well...not my brave adventurer. I cant wait to see this personality of hers thrive.

All throughout the Zoo were birds, ducks and flamingos. Every time she saw any of them she would say "Quack Quack". She LOVES any type of bird! Here we are with a "Quack Quack"...

We had a great time and I NEVER thought I would say this but... I kinda love the Zoo ha!


  1. I LOVE the SA zoo too! It's been awhile... def. need to take our girls soon! Looks like your Disney trip was a success! And I'm so glad Brad kicked Michelle off too! She was crazy!!

  2. Such fun pictures! You totally make me want a baby. You're adorable!

  3. So fun! We try to visit a zoo in every city we go too, but we're outdoorsy, animal folk. :)

  4. Looks like y'all had a lot of fun at the zoo! Thanks for the comment earlier...I actually bought the dress at Target! I always seem to find cute cheap things there!!!

  5. Ooooh SO much fun!! Last September, my parents and I took my niece there, and she had a blast! :) Love that last picture of you and Hannah <3