Friday, February 11, 2011

Animal Kingdom and Hannah's Birthday at Cinderellas Castle!

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Day 3 of our trip was Hannah's actual birthday!We decided to go to Animal Kingdom for the first half of the day and then hop on over to Magic Kingdom for Hannah's Birthday dinner at Cinderella's Castle. Here is the Birthday girl!...

We didn't take a whole lot of pictures at Animal Kingdom for some reason and I wish we would have. I think that Animal Kingdom might have been Hannah's favorite park. This doesn't really come as a surprise to me. I knew she would love animals because she is such an adventurous and curious little girl. I, on the other hand couldn't be more opposite from that. I actually am afraid of most (if not ALL animals) I am NOT a fan. Its not that I choose to dislike them... I am truly scared of them. I am so glad that my baby isn't though. She LOVED looking at all of the ducks and birds. Every time she saw one of them she would go "Quack Quack"! It was so cute! We ended up riding all of the rides and going to all of the shows there. We rode the "Dinosaur" ride twice and my mom watched Hannah. She decided to take her out of her stroller and let her "play" aka... get dirty. This is what I found when I came out of the ride...

Skirt off, shoes off, baby legs off, and BOW off!!!!! And looking a mess!This was obviously NOT mommy approved ha!

After animal kingdom we cleaned Hannah off and headed to Magic Kingdom for her birthday dinner at Cinderella's Castle. Before we ate we snuck in a quick carousel ride and Hannah LOVED it. Its her all time FAV!

Then it was time to meet Cinderella!

We then went into the dining room to eat. As we ate some of the other Princesses stopped by to say hi. Hannah was so into her food she could care less. This girl fell in love with the Disney food and she took it very seriously ha!

Here she is with Snow White. She WILL NOT put her roll down ha!

Here she is with Belle. This picture cracks me up because she looks like she could care less about Belle... She just wants to get back to her food...

It was a great day! More to come...


  1. Oh my goodness .. she has the most perfect outfits!!! Love the pic with Belle. :)

  2. Hannah looks so happy in every pic. Glad you had such a great time!

  3. Her outfits are sooo cute!! Really love all of the Zebra!!!

  4. Love the pictures! She is always looking super precious!!

  5. My mom does the exact same thing! She yells at me if Lucy doesn’t have a bow in her hair but as soon as I leave her with Marmee she is a hot mess!!! The Belle picture is priceless!

  6. Look at all those princesses!!! And Hannah's outfits are PRECIOUS!!!!

  7. It's not surprising that I've got lots in common with a one-year-old. Animal Kingdom's my favorite too. :) LOVE that dinosaur ride!

    And that last pic with Belle is classic!!!!!