Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Disney World Day 2- Magic Kingdom!

Day 2 of our trip was the most anticipated! Once you step inside the Magic Kingdom you really feel like you have truly arrived Disney World. EVERY SINGLE  TIME I have been to Disney (10 times total) I tear up as I walk down main street and see my first glimpse of Cinderella's castle. If you have never been you wont quite understand. There is something truly "Magical" about this place. I cant quite explain it with words. EVERYONE deserves to go and experience it for themselves! As soon as we got there we had to take a picture in front of the castle! Here is Hannah doing her signature "I'm ONE" pose...

Here is our FIRST family of 3 Disney pic!

Right after we were in the park a parade was starting. Hannah was so EXCITED (and a little overstimulated) I have never seen her light up as much as she did while watching the parade. All of the characters would wave directly at her and she was just beaming! I of course was tearing up at the whole thing, seeing my sweet baby girl getting to experience the "Disney Magic". My dad (poppy) held her as she watched the parade...

After the parade it started sprinkling (which didn't last long) and Bri and I found the cutest mini umbrellas that you could customize. So we bought Hannah one that said "Happy First Birthday Hannah"...

We then went on to all of the rides and I was really surprised at how many Han could go on. She could ride Haunted Mansion (she wasn't scared at all), Pirates of the Caribbean, and all of the rides in Fantasy Land including the tea cups (which she LOVED)

That evening we had dinner at Crystal Palace. This is definitely one of my all time FAVS! Its a character buffet and the food is divine!
Here we are waiting (with my sis and her boyfriend Wes) to get in the restaurant.Han had to have an outfit change before dinner ha!

Hannah was in heaven with all of the great Disney food! I swear she gained at least a whole pound after the trip was over ha! Here she is with all of the characters from Winnie the Pooh. (I especially love this one of her giving Piglet kisses)

After dinner it was time for the night to end with the fireworks show. Bri put Hannah up on this pillar so that she could get a good view.

Oh what a MAGICAL day at the Magic Kingdom! More to come...


  1. OK, the piglet and eyeore pics are PRECIOUS!!! and I love, love her outfit and the pic of her with the castle in the background!! What a fun trip!

  2. It looks like you guys had so much fun! I just love Hannah's Minnie Mouse outfit- too cute!

  3. Another totally cute outfit on Ms. Hannah. What a PERFECT way to ring in your sweet baby's birthday.

    FYI: I used your family as an example to my husband. I told him...this family (I showed him your blog) took their little girl the Disney for her first birthday.

  4. Oh' it definitely looks like a magical day indeed!! Precious!! I hope you have a great time!!

  5. It looks like you all had a LOT of fun!
    I cannot WAIT to take Kaidence to Disney World :) We are already planning a trip & a Disney cruise!

    Before we go I need to get hooked up with whoever is making Miss Hannah all these precious outfits :)

  6. Ohh so much fun! Im so jealous! I cant wait to take Reagan to Disney. Ps- your daughter seriously has the cutest outfits!

  7. Sounds like y'all had such a wonderful vacation! Hannah looks sooo cute in her little outfit! Cannot wait to read more about your trip!

  8. What a great place. It brings out something special in everyone and to share it with you child is a million times better. They are some great pictures of your lovely family

  9. So cute! I cant wait for our girls not to be so scared of "mascots" so we can go! You had some cutie outfits!!!;) glad you had fun!!!!