Friday, December 17, 2010

Our Happy Day!

Yesterday was such a fun and happy day! My sister was coming back into town from college and we were all so excited! Hannah and I started the day at her favorite place... the park. She loves going there and watching all the other little kids. She goes right up to them (not shy at all).
Here is my little "Zebra" before we left. Notice the Zebra lined clogs.... LOVE them!

We decided we both wanted to wear our "animal print accents" Ha!

She LOVES the swing! Its her absolute favorite.
After the park we headed over to my parents house and waited for my sister (KK) to arrive. When we all get together its always a "Food Fest" and last night we had Alamo Cafe to go (Which is the BEST Mexican food ever) and I made a raspberry/blueberry pie

Then Katie finally made it home and We couldn't have been more happier to see her! I am really looking forward to more shopping and lunch dates now that she's back.
Here are all the girls!
KK and Han!

And this picture cracks me up because if you know my mom and sister this pretty much sums up their personalities ha!
After dinner Katie went down to her room and wanted to unpack all of her stuff. She is REALLY organized and obsessive about everything having a "place" which couldn't be more opposite of me. I always love going down to her closet because that is usually the time she decides to give me some of the things she doesn't want any more. We trade back and forth but last night she gave me a ton of stuff (including a very nice Marc Jacobs bag by the way ;)
Here she is in her closet! Its HUGE and this picture does not do it justice. Her room,bathroom and closet is as big as the first apartment Bri and I used to live in right after we got married ha!

Welcome back KK!


  1. So glad she is home. You guys enjoy each other this Christmas. You are a blessed family.

  2. Wow what a closet! That is so funny yall call her KK because my name at my house is AA, thats what all my nieces and nephews call me and it kinda everyone does! I would LOVE to visit her closet. Its like a mini store! That pie looks scrumptious too!

  3. Hannah's outfit is just too cute! Sounds like you guys had a wonderful day!

  4. Ok, I love your bow on the Christmas tree idea! I'm going to have to do that! Have a merry Christmas with your family!!

  5. Hannah is seriously the best dressed baby on the internet. The clogs are adorable! XOXO

  6. I'm gonna ask Santa for a closet like that. Inside it? Zebra-lined clogs. So cute!

  7. What a fun sister. Mine are 2000 miles away and after 6 years one of them visited this past summer! Love the zebra clogs. Do they make those in big people shoes?

  8. I'm jealous of that closet! Haha! I had to let you know that I made your Cracker Candy over the weekend for one of our family Christmas parties & it was a huge hit! Everyone loved it & said it tasted like a Heath bar. It loved it bc it was so quick & easy to kind of "baking"! :) Thanks for sharing that recipe!