Sunday, December 26, 2010

A Christmas Story!

Well.... Its all over now :( It's really sad to see Christmas come and go once more but Oh did we have a GREAT one! This is Hannah's first Christmas and we couldn't wait to experience Christmas with her. we went to my grandma's (mommom's) house in the Woodlands. We have been going there for several years now and its so much fun! Everyone on my mom's side of the family was there. There was 19 of us in all and we had a blast. On Christmas eve we always go to my aunt Amy's house and have a nice dinner. After dinner all of the little kids get to open presents from the aunts and uncles and then the adults do a gift exchange.

Here are some pictures from Christmas eve!

This is Han and my cousin Cole (isn't he sooo Justin Beiber!)

Here are ALL of Mommom and Daddad's grand kids and one great grand kid!

We couldn't wait till the next morning... Christmas! Hannah woke us up at 5:45!!!! She never gets up that early (I guess she couldn't wait to see what Santa brought her) We all came downstairs to open presents around 6:30. Here is what Santa brought Hannah...

Her in her Christmas PJ's (bow of course)

Our Family Christmas Morning!

After we opened all of our presents we went over to my Aunt Judy's house for breakfast and more presents. Aunt Ju bought her a toy cell phone that looks like an iPhone and she was loving it!
Later that afternoon we went back to Mommoms house and started cooking for Christmas dinner. I made homemade rolls and Cinnamon rolls that were to die for (if I do say so myself ;) While I was cooking Hannah played on her swing that she also got for Christmas.

My Grandparents also have a big porch swing that Hannah fell in love with! She perks right up as soon as you put her on it!

Then it was time for dinner and outfit #3 ha!

We had such a great Christmas! In fact Hannah told me that it was the BEST Christmas she's ever had ha!


  1. Han is adorable. I think I was gonna get Penny the same Mudpie I right? Sooooo Cuteeee! XOXO

  2. Hannah is beautiful!! LOVE the pictures :) Yay for baby's first Christmas. Looks like she had a blast too!

  3. This post is SO adorable...she is just a little doll!! This will SO be my child...big ole bows! So glad ya'll had a good first Christmas!!

  4. Great pics! And love, love, love the stocking!!!

  5. Looks like y'all had a GREAT Christmas! Hannah looked presh in all her outfits! :) I copied your bow on Christmas trees idea when we took our Christmas decor down today and I love it! My girls were so excited to be able to keep their trees up... with bows! Sadly, all their bows wouldn't fit! Ha ha!

  6. So fun and sweet! And such a stylish girl!! And I love your Christmas PJs too. :)
    Justin Bieber, for sure!