Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Our Christmas Card!

So I might be a little late with this post seeing as that most of y'all have already shared your cards but hey!.... Better late than never ha! I was also a little late SENDING out my cards and didn't want to post before some of my friends got them in the mail. Anyways.... Here is our FIRST EVER Christmas card!

My friend Emily made it. She does such a great job on all that is stationary! Go check her out!


  1. Cute Christmas card! I loved looking at all your pictures from Christmas too! Her pjs are precious!

    And yep, that outfit of Averly's was Bailey Boys :)

  2. This is SO cute! I love the design of it!!

  3. What a truly cute Christmas card!!!! I love Hannah's headband/flower and tutu.

  4. Really cute card.....Hannah's outfit is adorable (as always).