Saturday, December 4, 2010

I Love Big Balls!

So today is all about decorating and I gotta tell ya.... This year I am loving me some big balls (mind out of the gutter ladies ha!) But really... Since I decided to get all new stuff for my tree this year I have gotten a lot of the gold and red balls to fill the tree with and it really makes a difference. Thursday night I went to an ornament exchange with the ladies from my church and I thought instead of bringing a "cutesy" ornament, I would bring just a big red glittery ball. I know that I love that for my tree so why wouldn't everyone else right? Well I was wrong :( NO ONE wanted my ball. We do a Chinese gift exchange for the ornaments and I wrapped mine up extra pretty so that it would be one of the first ones picked. Unfortunately my ball never got stolen once. So when it was my turn I just decided to take it for myself ha! I can always use and extra big ball on my tree ;)
Here is the "before" pic of the gift.
And here is the "after" when the Ball went back to its rightful owner.... ME!

Now on to the decorating. I already had done a post on my tree but I thought I would share how I got some of my decorating tips and what materials I used. Here is a picture of my tree again.
Some of y'all had asked me what I used to wrap around my tree. Its called "mesh" and I have seen it being used A LOT this season from other Christmas trees and wreaths Ive seen. I got mine at Hobby Lobby.Its super easy to work with. All you have to do is wrap it around your tree and secure it with your branches. After you wrap your tree then you put all of your big balls on. Then you can put your smaller balls on and then you can put on all of your pics. I am also LOVING the glittery pics! They really add a lot to the tree. I found all of these tips and tricks because my moms friend Jennifer's family owns a HUGE Christmas store in Midland and they also have a website and Christmas decorating videos you can order.Their site is called Show Me Decorating. You can get tons of tricks from them.
So we have 2 trees this year and the other tree is in Hannah's room. I found the cutest (and cheapest) pink tree at Hobby Lobby and I decided to clip some of her bows to it and put it up in her room for Christmas.
I just LOVE her tree although it is such a pain trying to keep her away from it ha! Well... those are my trees. Y'all have a great Saturday!


  1. LOL you're too funny! Your tree looks PERFECT... and I just L.O.V.E her room!!

  2. Tee hee I giggled at the title. Sorry! :) I would have chosen that ornament! It's so cute! Oh and LOVE LOVE LOVE the bow tree. I might have to do that next year!!!

  3. I LOVE that bow tree!
    New follower.

  4. So pretty! My tree always looks like some spastic, bipolar, crazy cat lady with crappy taste decorated it (which is pretty much spot-on, really, except for the cat part). We've got an awful hodgepodge of ornaments, from approx five THOUSAND cat ones (gifts - all of them) to Harry Potter ones to my husband's creepy childhood ornaments. And we've got a couple of big balls too. :)