Wednesday, January 18, 2012

What Im LOVING Wednesday!

So now that I am going to be making more of an effort to get back into blogging, I have to start back on my What I'm Loving Wednesdays! The first thing I am LOVING this week is planning Hannah's 2nd birthday party. I was OBSESSED with planning her 1st Birthday Party but this year I'm going to take it a (little) bit easier with her 2nd Birthday party. This year we are having it at the Jumpy Place and the party theme is Minnie Mouse (shocker ha!) Here are some of my Pinterest inspirations....

The next thing that I am LOVING are all the new TV shows that started this month! We were gone at Disney for over a week and when I got back my DVR was 55% full! These are some of the shows in my DVR right now...

Desperate Housewives: I have always been a fan (even through last years pitiful season)

The Bachelor: Even though I am really NOT DIGGING Ben, I will continue to watch

Dance Moms: I LOVE this show!

Pan Am: I LOVE this show! I have heard rumors that it might be getting cancelled... I hope not!

I only get the chance to watch these shows right before Han wakes up. My husband and I like to watch The Middle, Modern Family, Top Chef and The office together at night after she is asleep.

The last thing I am LOVING this week is the fact that I am officially a stay at home mommy again.My job at The Sweet Spot is no more because well... The Sweet Spot is no more. The owner (Brittney) just didn't want to do it anymore and hadn't even been to the shop in months. I had to run EVERYTHING and make all the decisions plus bake everything for the shop and it wasn't ever going to work out with the  schedule I needed. I only wanted to work part time and the store needed someone full time to make it work the way it needed to. So Brittney and I decided it was best to close. She had just had a baby and wanted to stay home and I didn't want the responsibility of a full time job.... Hannah had to come first. So right after Christmas we closed the doors. I have to say that it hasn't been as hard as I thought it would be. Hannah has been the sweetest she has EVER been. I don't know if its because of coincidence of if she loves staying at home with me everyday but we are both LOVING this new change. I'm excited to get back into MOPS and playdates and I really want to start BSF (Bible Study Fellowship). We haven't had any time to do those things because of me working. I have learned that I might not always get to stay home with her and so I am cherishing this precious time we have.She is only at this age once and I want to SOAK HER UP! She is my little best friend!


  1. so cute! Ive wondered where youve been! :) Glad you are back!

  2. I agree that I am not a fan of Ben on the Bachelor. Did you hear that Emily from Brad's season will be the next bachelorette? I'm so excited! I really loved her and I'm hoping she doesn't have any trashy hot tub scenes! ~Andrea