Monday, January 16, 2012

Disney World! Day 4-7

Day 4

On day 4 we headed over to Hollywood Studios for my sisters 20th birthday! I always have to remember to call it "Hollywood Studios". Back in the day it was called MGM and that's what I'm used to calling it. Anyway, its my favorite park (next to Magic Kingdom of course). Here is Hannah's first OOTD (outfit of the day)

For dinner we went to Prime Time Cafe! We go there EVERY SINGLE TIME we go to Disney! It is a MUST! The "original 4" (me, my sis, mom and dad) always have taken our picture sitting at the classic tables in the restaurant. The past 2 trips we added a new girl...can you guess who that might be ha!

Day 5

We had a rainy but fun-filled day at Epcot. I have grown to really love Epcot over the years. As a child I HATED it, but as the years go by (and as the park has improved) I always look forward to going back.Here is Epcot's OOTD...

One of the new things I discovered in Epcot that I never knew before was the "Character Spot". Its at the front of the park and there you can meet Mickey, Minnie,Pluto, Goofy and Donald. Hannah was LOVING this and it is now a "must see" on our list from now on!

Day 6

We switched it up again on day 6 and went to Islands of Adventure. I am not too fond of any "non-Disney" parks and I was very hesitant about this one. To my surprise we had a BLAST and IOA has some of the best rides I've ever been on! The new Harry Potter ride is absolutely the BEST! Another thing I loved about it was the Dr. Seuss land that they have for the kids. I knew that they had a section completely devoted to Dr. Seuss and that's what inspired Han's OOTD...

She had such a great time in that section of the park and the best part was that no one was in that section of the park so all the little rides had NO WAIT!

Day 7

Our last day had to be spent at Magic Kingdom. but first we had a Character Breakfast at the Grand Floridian.

We always try to start and end all of our trips in Magic Kingdom. I had bought everyone matching Mickey shirts with the names that Hannah calls everyone on them to wear on our last day.

All of a sudden it had gotten really cold and it made everyone a tad bit cranky but it still didn't stop us from making the best out of our last day.

That night we tried out a Dessert buffet at the Terrace restaurant. It overlooked the whole park and gave us the perfect view for the fireworks that night. The dessert buffet was AMAZING! Unfortunately Han CRASHED OUT before the fireworks started and right after we took this pic...

Can you tell she was tired!!??? We had yet another MAGICAL Disney vacation. It really hit me this year how fast time really does fly by. Ive been to Disney 11 times and each time is so different from one another. This trip my sister leaned over at one point and asked me "don't you wish we were little girls again?" and my answer was "No". Its not that I don't look back and think of those memories with happiness and nostalgia. I am glad to be MAKING memories here and now with my own little girl. The last day when we were all in the van going to Magic Kingdom I made a conscious effort to take a mental picture of what was happening. We would never again be sitting in those same seats at that same stage in our lives. We will go back many many times but it will never be the same as it is now. Life always moves on. I'm sure every time we take our Disney trip we will say "That was the BEST" But I love what my dad always says..."My favorite trip is the one we will take next year"!


  1. Looks like you had a wonderful time!! So sweet! I am so happy you are back to bloging. I missed seeing what you baked :). Have a great week!!!

  2. So jealous! My kids have never been. We are hoping to go later this year!

  3. love the pic of her on shoulders with the castle in the background! Wish I would have done that! Did belle come to your supercalifragilistic breakfast? She wasn't at ours? :)