Sunday, May 22, 2011

You CAN always get what you want- If you're at the grandparents

Yesterday we went over to my parents and hung out all day and had dinner. Hannah wore the cutest little white and brown polka dot outfit. Last Summer she had the exact same outfit (just a different size of course) and I was so excited that we found another one in a bigger size. Here she is (almost 1 year ago)

And here she is this year!
She is getting to be SUCH a big girl and Its kinda making me sad. Although I LOVE her now that she is older and is getting really good at communicating. Maybe I can get another one of these outfits for her next year ha!

Every time we go to my parents house my dad loves to take Hannah to Starbucks. Its kinda their thing. He got her hooked on vanilla cream fraps (don't caffeine) and she LOVES it! She lights up every time he mentions Starbucks to her and she can even say "Starbucks" ha! My dad loves to get her anything he thinks she might remotely want. Here she is with her mini doughnut and frapuchino...

For dinner my mom made homemade spaghetti and meatballs and it was the first time Han had ever had it (at my moms) She was a MESS

And if that wasn't enough, she saw my sis eating a fudge pop and had to have one too so of course my mom ran over to go get her one lol! She ate her spaghetti and fudge pop at the same time (disgusting I know)

It just goes to show that whatever she wants at Momo and poppy's... She gets! ;)


  1. Mmmm, spaghetti and fudge pop. :) Seriously, I'm pregnant, so it really doesn't sound THAT gross. ;)

  2. OMG look at that messy girl, too cute. Wow what a difference a year makes in baby time? That is usually when I start to cry miss my tiny baby and get pregnant again! 4 times again! They grow up so fast but each stage I believe gets better and better.

  3. Love the pic of Hannah drinking her Starbucks!

  4. And that is how it should be :) I want to be a grandma just like that someday. I love, love, love it. She is precious!! What a blessing to have such wonderful grandparents and parents. I am also loving her in that dress :)

  5. Love the spaghetti pictures!

  6. Oh my! What an adorable outfit and I love that spaghetti picture! haha that is soo cute!

  7. That is hilarious that she is already drinking Starbucks! :)