Monday, May 9, 2011

My Mother's Day!

I had a WONDERFUL Mothers Day this year! When I woke up Sunday morning Bri had all of my presents layed out for me. He wrote me the sweetest Mothers Day poem and had bought me flowers, a necklace and a gift certificate for a mani/pedi day! He is the BEST husband a girl could ask for! He made this day so special for me but he honestly makes every day special. Here is the necklace he had made for me.....
Its a monogram necklace! I have been wanting one of these ever since I saw the one that Alexis from "Real Housewives of OC" had. I wanted something similar and mine isn't like the one she has of course (because hers is covered in diamonds and retails for about $4000) but I am in LOVE with it ;)

Here are my pretty flowers!
We went to church and after that we went over to my parents house for lunch. Here are some pictures we took before we ate (a.k.a. changed into comfy eating clothes ha!)

We had Alamo Cafe to go! They have the BEST fajitas and the chips/salsa/queso is seriously on my "death meal list"! And as if all of that DELISH Mexican food wasn't enough, my dad picked up a bunch of desserts too (and the BEST part is... I didn't have to make them ha!)

Fruit Tart!

Oreo Ice Cream Cake!

White Chocolate Raspberry Cream Cake!

It was such a great day and I feel so fortunate to be a mother on this special day. I know that so many women are waiting for their sweet miracles to come so that they can be a mother and I never want to forget the times I have spent on my knees praying for that miracle myself.


  1. I LOVE that necklace!!! SO cute!!! And looks like a great Mother's Day!!!

  2. I love that necklace! you look gorgeous in yellow! it looks like you had a wonderful mother's day and i'm so glad that you did!

    btw, all that food as my mouth watering!

  3. What a wonderful day! And I'm pretty sure I'm gonna dream about that Oreo ice cream cake tonight. :)

  4. So wonderful! I love your dress you are glowing girl. Happy Mothers Day

  5. LOVE LOVE the necklace! Where can you get those??
    Happy Mother's Day to you!! You're just so beautiful!

  6. LOVE your new necklace! I have been wanting one like Alexis' on RHWOC too!! You ladies look beautiful in your yellow. Looks like you had a great Mother's Day!

  7. I love the necklace! Being a mother is truly a miracle and a blessing, I am so happy your prayer was answered.

  8. Happy Mother's Day! Love the necklace! I got new pictures for my photo necklace for Mother's Day! Love your yellow dresses!!

  9. what a beautiful necklace and flowers! Sounds like the perfect Mothers day

  10. I'm glad I'm not the only one that watches Real Housewives... Orange County only for me though :)
    I do live that precious necklace..Please share where it came from!

  11. Love the necklace! Beautiful pictures!