Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Years Eve!

Last night we went over to my parents house for New Years Eve! Here is Hannah's "Partaaay" outfit!

Here is me and my sis and her "Partaaaay" outfit! I am LOVING her white sparkly jacket!

We had a FOOD FEST! We made tons of food including this AMAZING cheese dip

Pasta salad- Consisting of fresh mozzarella, chicken, pasta and tomatoes all tossed in a balsamic vinaigrette

Salad- Consisting of spinach and romaine lettuce, feta cheese, dried cranberries, apples, and candied pecans YUMMMMMM!!!

We also had tons of stuff for sandwiches too.

And for dessert my sister made a fabulous "Red Velvet Trifle". It had layers of Red Velvet Cake, a cream cheese vanilla yogurt cream and raspberries.

And I made my Pecan Pie Bars! I like these better than Pecan Pie! It has a shortbread buttery crust on the bottom and on top is a gooey pecan coconut filling!

After we all ate we changed into our "Comfy Clothes" and they boys  played wii and the girls watched them ha! And Hannah was going back and forth between playing and entertaining us with "Peek-a-boo"

She was loving staying up late with all of her "peeps". She ended up crashing out around 10:30. By the time midnight came around everyone was really tired and wanted to go to bed. So right after midnight I kissed the Hubs and called it a night ha! It was a FANTASTIC New Years!


  1. look at her outfit! so cute!

  2. I love everyone's New Year's Eve outfits!! Please share the Pecan Pie Bar Recipe :)

  3. I love her outfit!! Where do you get all these fabulous clothes??

    So glad ya'll had a great NYE!!

  4. I know you make her bows (still waiting to know how I can buy some from you - you should open an etsy shop!), but where do you get her outfits? They are all so adorable. Looks like you had a great new years...with amazing food. Yummy! XOXO

    Oh yeah, the voting thing...I think you vote just by clicking on the link (I hope). Thanks so much!!! XOXO

  5. Seeing pictures of you & your sis make me miss mine! I hope that one day we will live close to each other & can raise our boys together. All that food looks so good! Especially that salad. I have probs making a good salad.

  6. Ok, I've gotta stop reading your posts on an empty stomach...b/c I'm pretty sure I just got a little drool on my keyboard. :)
    And precious Hannah outfit, as always!

  7. All of that food looks soooo yummy! Happy New Year!

  8. There's nothing better than being in your comfy's and eating "snacky" type foods! My fave! It all looked so good! Happy New Year!!

  9. Happy New Year! I love her outfit & all of that food looks sooo good!

  10. Y'all are adorable and all of that food looks yummy!!