Friday, January 21, 2011

I'm in the BOW business!

A lot of y'all have asked me how you can order bows. Unfortunately I have not been a good bloggy friend on keeping up with all of your requests. I have had the privilege of making bows for several of y'all and it makes me so happy to think that your little girls are wearing bows that I made just for them ;) and I've even made bows for a few of my friends to wear themselves! I absolutely LOVE to make bows and do any other types of crafty "stuff" in my spare time (a.k.a....When Hannah is asleep ha!) So if any of you still want bows...I'm open for business! I love to take Hannah's outfits and make a custom bow for every one. I recommend that if you want a custom bow, to email me a picture of the outfit and I can design a bow specifically for it.

I make bows in 3 sizes:
  1. Small-$6
  2. Medium-$7
  3. Large (Hannah size)-$8
All of these prices are for double layered boutique style bows. If you just want a single layer bow all single layer bows are $5.

Here are some examples of the Large bows. This size is mostly what Hannah wears. I wanted to show them to you on her head so you can see the proportion.

All 3 sizes- Large,Medium and Small

I can also do GIANT bows for mirrors or frames like this one.

And bows to accesarize frames!

So if y'all need bows (and if you have a girl then you NEED these bows ha!)please email me at Thanks Girlie's! And happy Friday!


  1. OMG so cute!! I wish I had a girl to wear these!! Or know anyone having a girl for that matter! Seems like boys are all that are around me lately! Good luck with it- too cute!

  2. Soo cute! Wish I had a little girl buy one for!!! : )

  3. LOVE IT!!!! Going to need one coming up, I will let you know!

  4. This is just the beginning, Ash! Is there anything creative that you can't do?! Get that sewing maching mastered, and you'll be your own little boutique ;)

  5. Your bows are so pretty!! I wished I had a little girl so bad!!!!

  6. I love the bow on the mirror!!! Might have to order one for Jennifer to bring to me!!

  7. These are adorable! You are so creative!

  8. So pretty!! Must be nice to have a girl who'll actually WEAR bows! Sigh. Lily pretty much came out of the womb pawing at her hair to make sure nothing was in it. ;)

  9. I will so be ordering one soon! :)