Thursday, October 28, 2010

My little "Angel"

Well.... It's Fall Festival time at our church and this year was the first year that I was able to have a little one of my own to dress up. I have been excited about this for months (or maybe even before she was born) anyway... I couldn't wait! Of course naturally I obsessed over and over on what I wanted Hannah to dress up as. Halloween was never a big deal around my house and my mom never really got into buying us really elaborate costumes. Most years my sister or I would go as a "Make-up Artist" which basically meant we would wear all black and do our make-up extra dark ha! So I was really excited to pick out Hannah's first costume. So I went with an Angel, because well... shes my little angel (and I really wanted a big poofy costume and thought an angel would fit the part ha!) So I asked my good friend Desiree to make her costume. She has made Hannah tons of stuff including bows, shirts and tutus and I just had to have her make her first Halloween costume.

 Our little Family
 My Husband (Brian) and Han
 These are some of Hannah's friends... Kinley, Harris and Rachel.
 This is what the back looks like. I LOVE the wings!!!
It was a fun night. Hannah did great except she wanted to walk everywhere but had trouble walking in all that tulle. I say she better get used to it because this wont be the last time my baby wears 100 yards of tulle ha!


  1. OH MY WORD!!!! How cute is she!! Love it :) Her costume is so adorable! Very sweet!

  2. Adorable pictures!

    Thank you so much for stopping by my blog- I always love finding people who were able to get their "happy ending" after struggling with TTC. It gives me so much hope to see happy families like yours and I know that very soon we will be there too! :)

  3. She was just a perfect angel!! The costume was perfect! And you only have your first Halloween once :)