Sunday, October 24, 2010

Future OBU Tiger????

My Parents attended Ouachita Baptist University and always wished that either my sister or I would do the same. Unfortunately for them... We didn't ha! They were very involved and proud of their school and still are. This weekend they went back for Homecoming and right before they left I just had to take Hannah's picture in her OBU Purple and Gold outfit.

My parents are hoping that she will be "the One" to go to their Alma Mater. We'll see....

On a completely different note... I went to the Ole' Market days in San Antonio this weekend and got some really good finds... I found this Precious pink pettidress for $30!!! I couldn't believe it because they normally run up to $120. She might wear this for her Birthday but I am tempted to have her wear it now just because its so fun!


  1. She is ADORABLE! I love how you dress her up in the cutest clothes!

  2. Thank's Girls! I love to dress her up! I figure I better do it now while I can ;)

  3. I just ran across your blog from Melissa's (Hanging with Mr. Cooper) & wanted to say that your little girl is adorable! I also love the bows that you are making! I wish I could take the time to learn how because I LOVE big bows!! Cute blog! :)

  4. I'm so glad you ran across my blog! Thank you for "Following" me I feel so honored lol;)