Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Hannah's Minnie Mouse Birthday!

Sunday my sweet baby turned 2! We decided to have her party on Saturday at the Jumpy Place (a bounce house in New Braunfels) The theme was Minnie Mouse. I know... BIG surprise considering we are all about Disney and Han has been 2 times already and she is only 2 years old ha! I thought that by having her birthday at the Jumpy Place that it would give me a little time off from making a ton of decorations.....wrong! I of course kept adding and adding to the list of decor I was to make and well.... Let the pictures tell it all ;)

Here are the party favors....Inside the bags were red and white cake pops

Minnie Mouse cupcakes and Cookies

Minnie Mouse Topiaries

The birthday Girl!

It turned out to be a GREAT day! I cant believe my baby is TWO! Time really does fly so fast!


  1. How precious! What a perfectly decorated party!

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  2. Oh' my word!! Precious!! Happy birthday Hannah!!