Saturday, November 5, 2011

Cinderella does Halloween!

This Halloween was SUPER fun because Hannah actually knew what was going on. She would say "Happy ween" and "Tick or Teet" all day long. She knew that the day had come to put her "cotume" (costume) on and she was going to be Cinderella! I was so excited for her to be Cinderella this year. Last year she was an "Angel" and she really didn't have any specific interests so I just went with something generic. This year she is really into princesses and especially Cinderella so that's what we did!

I found her costume on etsy and I thought it was super cute! I really didn't wand to just get her costume at the Disney store because I feel like all of their costumes are cheesy looking with waaaayyyyy too much glitter lol! So when I found this I thought it looked PERFECT!
Halloween night we decided to go to the Fall Festival at our church. Hannah had so much fun playing in the bouncy castles and the rides they had there. My mom and dad showed up as well.

We had a great time! I cant believe that this is how little she was as my little Angel last year...

What a difference a year makes!

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  1. Welcome back!! LOVE Hannah's Cinderella costume - she's getting so big!
    And, nope, your post didn't show up on my dashboard, but I re-followed. :)