Tuesday, June 14, 2011

NYC! Day 2

So... here's day 2 of NYC! My dad had to go to meetings for the majority of the afternoon so it was just my sis and I during the day. We decided that we wanted to go shopping down 5th Avenue and walk around Rockefeller Plaza.

We stopped for lunch at Bouchon Bakery right across from NBC studios. We had the BEST croissant sandwich I have ever had and we also had an amazing homemade HoHo...

We then headed back to our hotel to wait for dad to get back. As we were walking I stopped right in my tracks and was stunned to see the most humiliating/sad/nasty/hilarious thing I have ever seen in my life..... It was the "Naked CowGIRL". As if it wasn't shocking enough to see the Naked CowBOY, The Naked CowGIRL was frightening lol! Here we are (disclaimer:what you are about see could be disturbing ha!)

This lady had to be pushing 70 and she had NO business in pasties and a thong in Times Square or anywhere for that matter.Bless her Heart ;)

My dad got back to the room and he had stopped at Crumbs Bake Shop and brought us back a TON of DELICIOUS cupcakes...

They were the best cupcakes I have EVER had!

We then headed out for MORE FOOD (seriously that is what we did 90%% of the time we were there ha!) We went to Dylans Candy Bar and had a birthday cake sundae!

Then we headed over to Serendipity 3! This place is known for their frozen Hot Chocolates but their food is amazing as well.

Seriously, this trip was THE BEST NYC TRIP EVER! It was so good to take a trip with just my sis and dad. We made memories that will last forever!


  1. That IS disturbing!!! I love your expression standing next to her though!

  2. How much fun is this!!! That lady with the star ta ta's has some serious guts!

  3. oh I have there frozen hot chocolate too and it IS good

  4. Aaaaaack! At least the Naked Cowboy had a cute booty. :)